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JBOSS Administration Course Contents









  • JBoss Organization
  • History of JBoss AS
  • Features of JBoss AS
  • JBoss AS Architecture
  • JBoss AS Services
  • JBoss AS Requirements


  • Getting and Installing Java
  • Configuring Java
  • Getting JBoss AS
  • Building JBoss AS from source
  • Installing JBoss AS
    • Unpacking
    • Running Java Installer
    • Understanding Differences

Directory Structure

  • Explaining JBoss AS Directories
    • bin, client, docs, lib, server
  • Explaining JBoss AS Configuration Sets
  • Difference between minimal, default, all
  • Internal Directory Structure
    • conf, lib, deploy, temp, work, data, log, etc.
  • Logging on JBoss


  • Starting JBoss AS from command-line
  • Starting JBoss AS as a service
  • Verifying JBoss Startup
  • Stopping JBoss (locally, remotely)
  • Booting JBoss AS from network



  • J2EE Development/Deployment Lifecycle and Roles
  • Deployment Descriptors (DTDs vs. Schemas)
  • Deployment on JBoss AS
  • JBoss Deployers (WAR, EAR, EJB, JAR, RAR, SAR, HAR, etc.)
  • Deployment Dependencies
  • Hot vs. Cold Deployment
  • JBoss conf/jboss-service.xml file
  • XMBeans


  • JNDI
    • Overview
    • JNDI on JBoss
  • JavaMail on JBoss
  • JMX
    • Overview
    • Architecture
    • JMX on JBoss
    • Web Console
    • JBoss Monitoring
  • JMS
    • Overview
    • Architecture
    • Domains (Point-to-Point vs. Publish-Subscribe)
    • JMS on JBoss
    • Configuration

Database Connectivity

  • Installing/setting up MySQL
  • Overview of JDBC
  • Installing JDBC Drivers
  • Defining Resource Requirements
  • Describing Database Resources (Connection Pools)
  • Resource Mapping


  • Securing Applications on JBoss AS
    • Filtering clients by IP/Hostname
    • Data Transport Security (SSL)
      • Generating SSL certificates
  • Securing JBoss AS
    • Securing console applications/tools


  • JVM Tuning and GC Optimization
  • Tomcat Tuning
  • RMI/EJB Tuning
  • Tuning other JBoss services
  • Slimming JBoss

High Availability and Scalability

  • Defining Requirements
  • Overview of clustering architectures
  • Fronting JBoss with Apache Web Server
    • Advantages
    • Installing and Configuring mod_jk
  • Load Balancing with mod_jk
  • Enabling sticky sessions (server-affinity)
  • Clustered Session Replication
    • Clustered Single-Signon





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