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Oracle GlassFish Server Administration





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Course Contents


Installing GlassFish Server 3.1

  • Choosing a GlassFish Server Profile
  • Installing Using Various Installation Options
  • Examining Installation and Post-installation Issues
  • Installing Java
  • Installing GlassFish Server on a Single PC



Configuring GlassFish Server

  • Explaining the Concepts and Architecture of GlassFish Server 3.1
  • Administering Domains
  • Administering Nodes
  • Administering Clusters
  • Administering Server Instances
  • Explaining How to Review the Domain.xml File
  • Explaining the Basic Concepts of Web Administration Console
  • Comparing and Contrast GUI and CLI



Deploying Applications in GlassFish Server

  • Stating the Basics of Assembling Applications
  • Examining Tools Used for Assembling, Verifying, and Deploying Applications and Modules
  • Illustrating the Deployment Architecture of GlassFish Server
  • Explaining the Deployment Life Cycle
  • Using Autodeployment



Configuring Clusters

  • Explaining GlassFish Server Clusters
  • Illustrating the Cluster Architecture
  • Examining a Cluster Topology
  • Listing the Advantages of Using Clusters
  • Identifying the Types of Cluster Configuration
  • Configuring GlassFish Server Clusters



Installing and Configuring the Load Balancer

  • Illustrating the Load Balancer Architecture
  • Identifying the Various Types of Load Balancers
  • Monitoring the HTTP Load Balancer
  • Installing Oracle iPlanet HTTP Web Server



Configuring Logging and Monitoring in GlassFish Server

  • Describing the Logging Architecture and Capabilities
  • Identifying the Log Records and Logger Namespace Hierarchy
  • Configuring Logging and Log Levels
  • Examining Logs and Troubleshooting Issues
  • Examining and Configuring Monitoring Capabilities of GlassFish Server



Working with Databases (JDBC)

  • Describing How to Configure Database Access
  • Explaining How to Configure Transactions
  • Explaining Various Database Issues and Solutions
  • Applying Best Practices for Database Access
  • Explaining How to Set Advanced Connection Pool Features




Securing GlassFish Server

  • Listing the Security Goals for GlassFish Server
  • Configuring GlassFish Server Security
  • Configuring Realms, and Creating a Custom Realm
  • Configuring Java Authorization Contract for Containers (JACC) Providers
  • Reviewing the server.policy Security File
  • Configuring SSL, Managing Password Security, Keys, and Certificates



Configuring and Using Message Queue Clusters (JMS)

  • Describing GlassFish Server Message Queue
  • Examining the Role of the Resource Adapter
  • Listing the Different Modes of the Message Queue Broker
  • Listing the Features of the Generic JMS Resource Adapter



Advanced Configuration and Administration

  • Configuring Java Naming and Directory
  • Configuring Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Resources
  • Configuring Java Messaging Service (JMS) Resources
  • Configuring JavaMail Resources
  • Configuring Connector Resources
  • Configuring Java EE Containers



Software Lifecycle Events (Update, Upgrade, Uninstall)

  • Updating GlassFish Server From Web to Full Profile
  • Identifying Pre-uninstallation Tasks of GlassFish Server 3.1
  • Examining the Uninstall Tool
  • Uninstalling GlassFish Server 3.1




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