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Online-oracle-soa-suite-administration11g-trainingOracle SOA Suite 11g Administration Training

Online-oracle-soa-suite-administration11g-trainingOracle Business Inteligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g Administration Training

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Administration Training

Oracle Weblogic Server Administration 10g/11g/12c Training

Oracle Forms & Reports 11g Administration Training Training

Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g Administration Training(WC) Training

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g/12c Administration Training(OEM) Training

Oracle Service Bus 11g Administration Training(OSB) Training

Oracle Identity Manager Administration Training(OIM) Training

Oracle Access Manager 11g: Administration Training

Oracle DataBase 10g/11g/12 Administration Training

Oracle GlassFish Server Administration and Deployment

Online-oracle-soa-suite-administration11g-trainingOracle Iplanet Web Server Administration Training

Oracle Weblogic Portal Server 11g Administration



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Oracle Weblogic Server 11g/12c: Administration Training



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Course Contents



Introduction to Weblogic

    1. What is Java?
    2. What is J2EE?
    3. The J2EE Architecture
    4. Servlets and JSPs
    5. Application Server
    6. Web Architecture
    7. Oracle WebLogic Platform (And Related) Products


Weblogic Installation and Testing

    1. System Configuration Installation Files
    2. Installation Building a Domain
    3. WebLogic Directory Structure
    4. Domain File Structure
    5. WebLogic Server types
    6. Domain Configuration Files
    7. Domain Upgrade Wizard
    8. config.xml.booted
    9. startweblogic.cmd
    10. Testing your Installation
    11. Configuring Startup
    12. Running the WebLogic Console
    13. Shutting down WebLogic


WebLogic Console Administration

    1. Console Overview
    2. Console
    3. Monitoring Weblogic Servers
    4. Monitoring Weblogic Servers (continued)
    5. Configuring a New Machine
    6. Configuring a new Server
    7. Configuring Domain Properties
    8. Building a Managed Server
    9. Weblogic Node Manager
    10. Monitoring Domain Logging


Node Manager

    1. What is Node Manager?
    2. Node Manager Details
    3. Accessing Node Manager
    4. Configuring Node Manager
    5. Configuring Node Manager (continued)
    6. Node Manager Startup
    7. Node Manager Domain Management
    8. Node Manager Services
    9. Node Manager Health Monitoring
    10. Node Manager Logging


Weblogic Clusters and JNDI
JNDI with WebLogic

    1. What is JNDI?
    2. JNDI Service Providers
    3. JNDI and Weblogic
    4. Using JNDI
    5. Monitoring JNDI


Configuring JDBC

    1. JDBC Architecture
    2. JDBC Drivers
    3. JDBC Driver Install
    4. Datasources
    5. DataSource Connection Properties
    6. Configuring Connection Pools
    7. Monitoring Pool Performance
    8. Tuning Pool Performance
    9. JDBC Multi DataSources


WebLogic Deployments

    1. Deployments Overview
    2. Deployment Descriptors
    3. Ant
    4. War and Ear files
    5. War file structure
    6. Web Application Context
    7. Deployment Process Overview
    8. Deployment techniques
    9. Expanded Directory Deployment
    10. Console Deployment
    11. WLST Deployment
    12. Startup and Shutdown Classes
    13. Application Installation Directory
    14. Application Versioning
    15. Updating applications in a Production Env


JMS(Java Messaging Service)

    1. Overview of JMS
    2. JMS Models(Point to Point and Publisher/Subscriber)
    3. Configuring JMS Server
    4. Overview of JMS Messages
    5. JMS Queue
    6. JMS Topic
    7. Weblogic JMS Configurations includes
    8. JMS Servers
    9. JMS Modules
    10. JMS Queue
    11. JMS Topic
    12. JMS Connection Factory
    13. JMS Template
    14. JMS Destination Sort Key
    15. JMS Distributed Queue/Topic
    16. Foreign JMS Server
    17. Store and Forward Agents(SAF)
    18. JMS Persistent Store(file Store)
    19. JMS JDBC Stores
    20. Deploying a Sample JMS Application
    21. Monitoring JMS Servers

WebLogic Security

    1. WebLogic Security Design
    2. Weblogic Security Providers
    3. Authorization Authentication-Users
    4. Authentication-Groups
    5. Authentication Roles
    6. Security Administration Tasks
    7. Securing a Web Application
    8. Defining your own realm
    9. Configuring Providers
    10. SSL


Performance Monitoring in 3 ways(admin console,wlst,third party tool), performance tuning
WebLogic Performance Monitoring / Tuning /TroubleShooting/Backup Operations

    1. Introduction
    2. Performance Objectives
    3. CPU Utilization
    4. Memory Utilization
    5. Monitoring the JVM
    6. Monitoring alls the domain resources, Servers, Clusters, JMS, Connection
    7. Using Verbose GC
    8. JRockit
    9. Weblogic Monitoring Tools


  1. Performance Tuning for JMS
    1. Reduce the application down time
    2. Weblogic Thread Pools
    3. Configuring Reader Threads
    4. Performance Tuning Summary
  2. Servlet Session counters
  3. Transaction Manager
  4. Servlet Session
  5. Various Types of Garbage Collection Procedures
  6. Monitoring Through Third party Tool-JProbe or Jprofiler
  7. Performance Tunning in JVM
  8. Performance Tunning for JDBC Connection pool,JMS

Trouble Shooting  

  1. Various Log Files in Weblogic
  2. Viewing the Logs
  3. symptoms of a problems
  4. generating Heap dump & Thread dump
  5. Detecting the hung threads in J2EE applications
  6. Tools for analyze & Resolving Weblogic Problems Overview

Profiling Tools covered in the course:

  • Jprofiler




JBOSS Administration Course Contents



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